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Whether you are in law enforcement or emergency services, an HR professional, line manager or executive, ProActive ReSolutions’ training and consulting solutions can help enrich your daily professional interactions and address stressful and potentially harmful behaviours (bullying, harassment, negativity, workplace violence) that could impact your mental and physical well-being.

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Bullying. Harassment. Bribes. Personal and Professional Violence. Hostile Workplaces. Dysfunctional Leadership Teams. Health and Safety Compliance.

Policy and procedural compliance can only be achieved if people understand them and are able to effectively put them into action. Disruptive behaviours such as bullying, harassment and negativity do not go away and only continue to escalate into larger and more disruptive behaviours which impact the mental and physical well-being of both management and employees.

ProActive ReSolutions Organizational Compliance, Conflict Management and Violence Risk Assessments solutions provide an end-to-end offering to help corporate organizations address the growing plethora of behavioral challenges faced in the workplace, home and community.

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ProActive ReSolutions is a recognized leader in helping government organizations address changing workforce dynamics resulting from demographic shifts and diverse work expectations and ethics. Our consulting and training services range from helping organizations review and/or implement behavioural compliance programs (e.g. bullying and harassment), to defining a larger, programmatic behavioural change to ensure that staff and employees are trained to respond to each other in a respectful manner, handle conflict and meet ethical compliance requirements. Our Workplace Violence Prevention solutions provide a framework around which government organizations can understand, assess and prevent potential violence in the workplace, at home, or in the community.

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Higher Education

It’s a moving target that no one seems to hit. Higher education institutions face a constantly changing environment related to aging workforces, increased workforce diversity, and new compliance laws related to bullying, harassment and toxic workplaces. In addition, there is the obligation of preventing workplace violence which may have deep impacts in the workplace, home and community.

ProActive ReSolutions is a recognized leader in working with higher education institutions worldwide to help address and implement solutions to help address these challenges. Our end-to-end consulting and training solutions have been developed to help higher education institutions address the ongoing challenge of changing workforce dynamics.

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Building Respectful Workplaces

About Us

ProActive ReSolutions works with organizations to Build Better Lives for their employees through Organizational Compliance, Conflict Management and Workplace Violence Prevention.

Our solutions help to reduce stress caused by negative behaviours such as Bullying, Harassment, and Toxic Workplaces.

We help address workplace conflict, repair relationships that have been harmed by conflict, and protect people whose health and safety is threatened by conflict. Our strength is our standardized, evidence-based and integrated programs coupled with our passionate experts drawn from a wide range of professions including employee relations, law, forensic psychology, media, restorative justice, social policy, policing and education.

With over 60,000 people trained worldwide since 2000, ProActive ReSolutions is one of the leaders in helping organizations manage Organizational Compliance, Conflict Management and Workplace Violence Prevention.

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Organizational Compliance

The impact of non-compliant, negative and disruptive behaviours in the workplace is felt by everyone in the organization. These behaviours can affect the well-being and self-esteem of co-workers, employees or colleagues and can negatively impact work relationships, friendships and productivity.

Organizational Compliance requires the cooperation and support of each and every employee in the organization to ensure that they are creating a Respectful Workplace.

All employees have a responsibility to set a positive example and behave in a manner which will not offend, embarrass or humiliate others. ProActive Resolutions helps organizations establish and maintain Organizational Compliance policies and procedures.

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Conflict Management

Conflict always involves more than two people, is always complex, never lends itself to a simple solution, is never resolved by an investigation, and must always involve everyone affected to achieve a sustainable resolution.

Our proven Conflict Management methodology for resolving conflict has been shown to achieve a 9:1 return on investment in a double blind study. ProActive ReSolutions’ Conflict Management solutions do not focus on assessing blame on individuals who are in conflict.Rather the goal is to understand its cause and impact of the conflict and agree on an acceptable, accountable course of action that is satisfactory to everyone involved.

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Workplace Violence Prevention

Violence is one of the most extreme manifestations of conflict. Like all conflict-related behaviour, violence is a choice or decision – it is not an unconscious act or instinct. People at work may choose to behave violently if they think it will help them to accomplish some goal.

ProActive ReSolutions’ Workplace Violence Prevention solutions help organizations understand, identify and address Workplace Violence.

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Organizational Compliance

Building Respectful Behaviour. Our Respectful Workplace products prevent problems between people by helping them deal with each other in a respectful manner. Our training programs and specialized processes help people to cooperate and support each other, be accountable and speak up effectively when things are not going well. People who know how to build strong relationships and deal with difficult situations are more content, perform better, and deal with change much more easily. All key elements to achieving Respectful Behaviour in the workplace.
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Conflict Management

Reconciling Differences. ProActive helps repair and reconcile differences damaged by unresolved conflict and harmful behaviour. We provide ways for people to reconcile differences, put the past behind them and learn from each other. When organizations help people repair and reconcile differences and transform their conflict into cooperation, they create more effective and robust workplaces.
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