Interview with John McDonald – The Cred Podcast

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Interview with John McDonald – The Cred Podcast


Increasing the wellbeing and productivity of employees requires real time and effort.

In our most recent episode of the Cred Podcast, we interviewed John McDonald, the CEO of ProActive Resolutions. He has over 30 years of experience working with organisations to build respectful workplaces and manage conflict more effectively. He explains:

“There’s a lot of ‘tick the box’ in the people area of business. It’s unusual for decision makers in organisations to pay anywhere near as much attention to how their people behave with each other as they do to the more technical and financial aspects of the business. When they do pay attention, it is often in response to an internal survey or census exercise that tells them staff are not engaged, or not committed to the organisation. We kind of sit up and take notice for a short period of time and get our HR people or learning and development people to come in and do some training or hire someone else to do the training so we can tick the box. Our experience is that every organisation and business succeeds or fails based on how well we all work together. It’s astonishing then how little effort and commitment is put in to that aspect of the workplace. And like I said, when the effort is put in, it’s often half-hearted and not sufficiently resourced”.


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