Our Company

With decades of experience, ProActive ReSolutions is an international leader and solutions provider in Organizational Compliance, Conflict Management and Workplace Violence Prevention.

Our solutions help organizations define, train, and implement compliance-related programs that help address issues related to negative behaviours such as Bullying, Harassment, Discrimination, Conflict, Hostile Workplaces, and in more extreme cases, threats and acts of violence. Our training solutions are standardized, evidence-based and are complementary to each other, allowing for a full end-to-end solution offering only available through ProActive ReSolutions.

Our Organizational Compliance, Conflict Management and Workplace Violence Prevention programs also provide individual training solutions targeted at providing all levels of your organization with the skills and tools that they need to deal with behavioural issues on a day to day basis. In addition, our consulting services help organizations identify and resolve issues that internal departments and staff may not be able to address due to internal conflict, union concerns or simple lack of expertise.

Our solutions can be customized to meet the specific needs of larger organizations that require a solution in alignment with their organizational values and goals.