Conflict Management Facilitator Training

Manage the Impact of Workplace Conflict

Reduce the consequences and stress of workplace conflict by building a common organizational framework on how to resolve Workplace Conflict incidents.

The effectiveness of our Conflict Management service has been validated by numerous international studies, including the United Kingdom’s largest randomly controlled trial. As a result, our approach has been adopted in workplaces, criminal justice systems, and communities around the world.

The Conflict Management Facilitator Training prepares participants to conduct a ProActive Conference, the theoretical and behavioral framework that supports the Conflict Management process as well as how to deal with the obstacles or issues that might emerge as part of a conflict management session.

Preparing, facilitating, and providing ongoing support as part of a ProActive Conference requires a sound understanding of the underlying principles that inform the process, together with a well-developed theory of emotions and clear knowledge of the techniques required to work with a group of people immersed in conflict. ProActive ReSolutions’ three-day Facilitator Conference Training takes participants through the principles, process, theory, and practice of Conferencing and equips them to deal with difficult and seemingly intractable conflicts in their workplace and elsewhere. Following the training, our Conflict Management Specialists are available to offer support as required to enable people to apply the process to their own workplace or community.

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