Conflict Management

It’s Not About Blame. It’s About Finding Resolution.

Building Better Lives by addressing conflict and working towards a common behavioural resolution.

Conflict Management

The effectiveness of our Conflict Management service has been validated by numerous international studies, including the UK’s largest randomly controlled trial. As a result, our approach has been adopted in workplaces, criminal justice systems, and communities around the world.

Also known as Restorative Justice, our Conflict Management service is one of the few services shown to achieve an ROI of 9:1 and to transform conflict into cooperation.

Our Strategic Approach

Our Conflict Management service is not focused on penalizing the individual(s) at fault, rather, the focus is on engaging all parties involved to understand the impact of the behaviour on the victim(s) and supporting a behavioural agreement that can be implemented, monitored, and enforced.

Our Methodology

Our Conflict Management service is a proven methodology that engages all parties impacted by the conflict and focuses on transforming the conflict into cooperation within the group.

Engaging the Parties in Conflict

Our first step is to engage with individuals impacted by the conflict to understand, identify, and discuss the conflict. We seek to understand the possible causes, reasons, and how they perceive the conflict impacts other parties involved. This sets the context to transform the conflict into cooperation.

Facilitated Group Discussion

Through a facilitator-led group discussion, participants are encouraged to discuss and identify the impacts of the conflict on themselves and other parties involved. They will have a voice in the desired result of the discussion, with an opportunity to say things to each other that they have either avoided saying or have said hurtfully rather than helpfully.

Defining A Behavioural Action Plan

It’s a group decision and the group sets out the parameters together of what needs to be done and how to behave constructively towards each other. The end goal is transforming conflict into cooperation and creating a tangible behavioural agreement that can be implemented, monitored, and enforced.

Additional on-going coaching support is available as part of an annual support package.

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