Post Investigation Management

Solutions for Healthy Back to Work Practices

Building Better Lives by reducing the stress, anxiety and conflict employees feel when they return back to work.

It’s always difficult to return to full productivity following a workplace hearing or formal investigation. The incidents and relationships leading up to and resulting from these complaint processes are likely to recur, continue, or even escalate without everyone having a clear understanding of your organization’s expectations, the responsibilities each person has and the support systems available to ensure everyone behaves appropriately.

Our Strategic Approach

ProActive ReSolutions Post Investigation Management Services ensures everyone understands their responsibilities and what’s expected of them once an investigation has concluded. It’s future focused. The investigation’s conclusion is used as a springboard to reiterate the roles and responsibilities of every workgroup member while providing each individual with the tools, skills and strategies to address problematic behaviours as they arise. Both a specific intervention and a workgroup cultural reset, PIMS supports individuals while establishing an integrated accountability framework for meeting the organization’s requirement to maintain a healthy, harassment-free workplace.

Our Methodology

PIMS follows a structured approach to understanding and addressing the perceptions, issues and dynamics of the individual, the team and the managers involved.

Researching the Problem

The first step in PIMS is understanding the perceptions, attitudes and underlying issues held by those involved. This is done by interviewing the complainants, respondents and managers in a series of one-on-one meetings.

Analyzing and Addressing the Problem

With a clear understanding of the perceptions, attitudes and underlying issues, our consultants then begin developing a coaching plan to help address these issues and perceptions. Part of this plan includes coaching key individuals to join a Respectful Workplace Training session with the rest of their workgroup as a productive participant.

Presenting the Findings

ProActive ReSolutions will deliver a report confirming people’s understanding of the problem, any actions taken and any relevant recommendations.

Note that ProActive ReSolutions won’t disclose specifics of the scenarios raised by individuals and will maintain confidentiality with respect to the concerns and disclosures of participants.

Additional on-going coaching support is available as part of our annual support package.

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