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ProActive ReSolutions offers both standardized and customized Organizational Compliance, Conflict Management Resolution and Workplace Violence training and consulting solutions that fit the needs of small and medium sized organizations as well as global enterprises.

Our solutions can be customized to fit the needs of large scale global enterprises that want to ensure all staff and offices are following the same standards for ethics, behaviour, and violence assessment regardless of location and culture.

Small to Medium Size Organizations

Diversity related challenges are present in all workplaces ranging from giant, global organizations to small, local business operations. The impact of globalization has driven the need for organizations to hire and leverage individuals from different ethnic, racial, and religious beliefs.

Hand in hand with this increased globalization comes the need to manage the relationships of existing and new employees through the organization’s internal policy and procedures compliance requirements, as well as any external compliance requirements driven by government and regulatory bodies.

We offer solutions designed specifically to help small to medium sized corporations meet compliance requirements. Our range of solutions provides small to medium sized organizations the ability to choose the specific solution they need to solve a specific compliance requirement related to bullying, harassment, conflict, and toxic workplaces. We also resolve difficult situations between management and employees as well as difficult situations between employees, or even how to deal with social media in the workplace.

Standardized training solutions are also available to help the organization establish a foundation of communication and respect within the workplace. We work with the organization to establish and implement workplace violence prevention protocols to ensure that employees are safe at work, home, and in the community.

Large-scale enterprise and global organizations

Large-scale enterprise and global organizations face a unique challenge compared to small to medium-size companies. As a large-scale enterprise and global organization, the challenge is to ensure that all employees are following the same standards for ethical issues, organizational behaviour, and risk compliance.

ProActive ReSolutions is a leader in offering customized behavioural management, conflict management, and risk assessment training and consulting solutions for large-scale Enterprise and global organizations. These solutions are customized to meet unique requirements of our clients and can include a combination of consulting, training, and ongoing support solutions. In addition, our solutions can be customized and branded to fit your organization’s culture, values, and industry-specific needs.

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