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leadersChanging workforce demographics. Bullying and Harassment compliance requirements. Potential violence in the workplace due to conflict and change.

Employee behavioural problems facing Government organizations are on the rise.

ProActive ReSolutions is the solution.

The increasingly diverse mix in the workforce has led to new and different challenges faced by government agencies and employers. The unique combination of aging workforces mixed with generation gaps, gender and ethnic diversity, and overlaid with unionized versus non-unionized environments have resulted in complex dynamics between new and existing staff as attitudes, expectations, and work norms become challenged.

All organizations face issues concerning policy and procedural compliance, violations, and behavioural issues such as bullying, harassment, conflict, disruptive behaviours and potential risks of workplace violence.

Government organizations are at greater risk of experiencing these issues due to their dynamic changing workforce. In addition, they face increasing public scrutiny and greater social media exposure as a result of these issues.

Faced with challenges resulting from a diverse workforce, managers, executives, and front-line workers find themselves ill-equipped to address and resolve these issues. In many instances front line staff, management, executives, and leaders lack the tools, training, and skill sets to address these compliance issues.

Common issues and challenges that they face include:

  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Communication challenges
  • Workgroup dysfunction
  • Gaps in Leadership team skills and training
  • Succession planning
  • Gender equality
  • Hostile work environments
  • Organizational value alignment
  • Policy and procedures review, implementation, and enforcement
  • Organiational Health and Safety compliance
  • Return to work integration
  • Tools to identify and prevent future behavioural issues
  • Workplace violence prevention

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