Emotions At Work

Knowing is the first step to growing.

Understanding and managing our emotions at work is the first step to increasing the effectiveness of our communication and interpersonal relationships.

We are all emotional creatures and, in many instances, our judgements and decisions are not based on what we think but how we feel. We all don’t like bullies, but sometimes we don’t know we ourselves are being a bully because our emotions are driving our behaviours.

Understanding how our emotions impact our work and daily life is key to building a successful culture. Emotions at Work focuses on defining the four features of all emotions, the seven basic emotions shared by all human beings, and the techniques required for expressing how we feel and responding to other’s feelings in a respectful manner.

Emotions at Work is a critical training component that can be utilized by all levels of staff from entry level to senior executive. Unless individual team members and staff are able to understand and communicate their feelings in a respectful manner, how can we expect others to do so?

Emotions at Work helps organizations Build Better Lives for their employees by helping to reduce the conflict, communication, and compliance-related stress that often impacts your employees’ work life and extends into their personal lives.

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