Let’s Talk About It

Creating Awareness in the Workplace.

A focused, facilitated discussion about what’s happening at your workplace.

Let’s Talk About It is a service that helps organizations and workgroups raise awareness and introduce accountability about issues going on in the workplace that either impact the well-being of others or create an environment that fosters negative behaviours.

Organizations can choose from any of the webinar topics currently offered within our Problem Solver Webinar Series, including Coping with Workplace Negativity, Personal Strategies for Handling Bullies, or Social Media in the Respectful Workplace.

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Coping with Workplace Negativity
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Straight Talk
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Strategies for Handling Bullies
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Our Strategic Approach

Let’s Talk About It leverages topics found in ProActive ReSolutions’ Problem Solver Webinar Series to introduce the negative behaviour at hand in a non-confrontational manner where people are not singled out or blamed.

Afterwards, a ProActive ReSolutions facilitator will engage with the group to start a discussion regarding the topic of the webinar, its impacts, as well as potential resources or options to address the negative behaviour.

The facilitation can be modified to help participants understand more of the corporate policies or resources.

Our Methodology

Let’s Talk About It consists of a 55-minute recorded webinar followed by a 30-minute facilitated discussion.

Creating Awareness

In order to introduce the negative behaviour to the group in a non-threatening or blame attributing way, the group will first view a recorded webinar from our Problem Solver Webinar series. This will allow us to introduce the topic, discuss its impacts as well as introduce a behavioural framework for how to behave when confronted with the negative behaviour.

Facilitated Discussion

The next, and most crucial, step in the Let’s Talk About It service is the facilitated discussion. ProActive ReSolutions consultants engage the team to talk about the content of the webinar, how it might have affected them or their co-workers, how they might engage or utilize the behavioural framework and what corporate resources they might have access to.

ProActive ReSolutions facilitators will focus the discussion on the subject and content of the recorded webinars in order to ensure that the discussion stays focused on the negative behaviour and that individuals do not feel threatened or singled out as part of the discussion.

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