Policy and Procedures Review

Managing Compliance Risk

Ensure that your organization is aligned with both internal ethical compliance requirements as well as external government Health and Safety compliance requirements.

Every organization has a set of rules or protocols detailing workplace behaviour expectations. Our Respectful Workplace Policies and Procedures Review provides an insightful and original analysis of your workplace behaviour policies and indicates the extent to which the actesting procedures either help or hinder the development and maintenance of a respectful and productive workplace.

Our Strategic Approach

Relying solely on a set of rules and policies to ensure people at work behave respectfully towards each other sends the message that unless a rule is broken, all behaviours are OK. We all know this not to be the case. Smart organizations have policies and procedures that value and encourage individual responsibility while accepting the organization’s role in articulating expectations around behaviour. ProActive’s Policy and Procedures Review provides a strategic analysis of expectations on behaviour, conflict prevention, violence prevention, and behaviour risk management, ensuring complete compliance and increased individual and team cooperation.

Our Methodology

The Policy & Procedure Review follows a structured approach while accommodating specific client needs, legal frameworks, and local environmental factors.

Researching External Drivers & Considerations

We begin by undertaking a literature review of national and international trends and observations, followed by a survey of recent scientific, professional, and legal developments in your own jurisdiction and in comparable locations and industries. This provides ProActive ReSolutions with a framework and understanding of changes, legal requirements, and best practices for reviewing your policies and procedures.

Conducting an Environmental Scan of the Organization

Our environmental scan focuses on organizational policies, procedures, employee behavioural responses to internal and external stimuli, critical perceptions, and any technology factors that need to be considered as part of the policy and procedures review.

Presenting the Findings & Recommendations

Based upon an understanding of the external drivers together with the information captured through the environmental scan, ProActive Consultants will then present a summary of the finding(s) as well as recommendations in how to update, supplement or improve your organization’s existing policy and procedures, or in the case where no policy or procedures exist, how to implement and create one.

Additional ongoing consulting support is available as part of an annual support package.

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