Respectful Workplace: Foundations and Leadership Modules

Building Better Lives by Building a Respectful Workplace.

Reduce stress, anxiety, and conflict in the workplace, home, and community by ensuring that your organization is building a Respectful Workplace.

Respectful Workplace Foundations

ProActive ReSolutions’ Respectful Workplace Training Solutions provide training on key components of a respectful workplace, required communication methods and structure, as well as four successful supervision techniques.

Respectful Workplace training provides the foundation upon which to build and grow your test culture and establish a standardized method of providing and receiving feedback as well as addressing problematic and negative behaviours such as bullying, harassment, negativity, and verbal abuse.

A respectful workplace can be hard to define. It’s one of those things – you know it when you see it, but it is hard to put words to.

Without the opportunity to talk about our expectations in the workplace with each other, we increase the risk of simple miscommunications or misunderstandings being blown out of proportion. In Respectful Workplace Foundations, we help people understand the components of a respectful workplace, list our responsibilities to create it, and develop strategies to respond to disrespectful behaviour.

It also builds communication skills. Without training, workplace conflict can escalate rather than be quickly resolved by those involved. Most employees and managers do not enjoy conflict, so dealing with it well does not come easily or naturally. We train you and your team to deal with it by saying what you mean and keeping it simple. This involves Straight Talk™, our systematic approach to engaging in difficult conversations and responding to problem behaviour.

Respectful Workplace Leadership Training

Respectful Workplace Leadership focuses on four successful supervision techniques. Workplaces adapt to the behaviours leaders tolerate and reinforce – so if leaders are not fixing poor performance and behaviour, they are accepting it. Leaders, managers, and supervisors need to build a workplace environment that inspires and maintains productive and respectful behaviour. We do this using the Response Ladder, a tool that helps you decide how to effectively respond to and resolve problem behaviour.

Our Respectful Workplace training solutions provide organizations with a standardized training methodology that helps address negative behaviours such as bullying, harassment, verbal abuse, and toxic workplaces. Our solutions help organizations Build Better Lives for their employees by reducing the everyday stress related to negative, disrespectful behaviours that occur in the workplace and impact both their professional and personal lives.

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