Workgroup Optimization

Build a Better Team

Reduce stress, conflict and anxiety in the workplace by addressing issues related to expectations, negative and harmful behaviours, as well as conflict in the workplace.

Our consulting solutions help Build Better Lives for your workgroups and teams.

ProActive’s Workgroup Optimization service helps team members identify and agree on a shared language and implement a set of shared expectations and tools for working effectively and communicating clearly with each other.

The communication skills learned through these sessions provide team members with specific conversation skills that can be utilized when confronted with difficult situations or problematic behaviours with a team member, a co-worker, a client or even friends and family members.

Our Strategic Approach

The Workgroup Optimization session will help team members consistently translate critical organizational values into concrete workplace behaviours in their day-to-day interactions, to drive business performance and maximize productivity and engagement.

Our Methodology

ProActive ReSolutions’ consultants will provide a highly interactive, engaging 6-hour Workgroup Optimization session for all team members, consisting of both training and facilitated dialogue.

Building Personal Leadership Skills

The Workgroup Optimization session will focus on establishing the personal communication skills that are essential for the creation and maintenance of a cooperative, effective team. These skills are not always obvious and, until they become a part of the way we do business, they are often not always easy.

Engaging in Straight TalkTM

Team members will be trained in how to use ProActive ReSolutions’ 6-step Straight TalkTM product in talking through difficult situations with each other.

Understanding the Workplace and Legal Compliance Requirements

Participants will identify and discuss the policies and laws that apply to their workplace and that are directly relevant to their workgroup interactions, as well as conduct that might violate those policies. This gives a clear context to the importance of talking about how we talk about difficult situations, before the need to do so.

Additional ongoing coaching support is available as part of an annual support package.

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