Workplace Violence Prevention Foundations and Leadership Training

Knowing is the first step.

Understanding how violence happens will help prevent it in the workplace.

Our consulting solutions help organizations Build Better Lives by addressing stress, conflict, and risks of violence in the workplace.

Our Workplace Violence Prevention training modules ensure your staff understand what the four broad categories of workplace violence are, who the types of people are that can pose a threat to people’s safety, the warning signs of workplace violence and what their individual responsibilities are before, during, and when an incident occurs.

Any employee can become a victim of workplace violence. From violence for profit to romantic obsession, any number of motivations can trigger an attack on people in the workplace. Organizations have a legal and moral responsibility to keep their staff safe, and ProActive has decades of experience helping fulfill that obligation.

The four types of violence in the workplace: for profit violence; conflict/grudge violence; relationship violence and romantic obsession violence, mean that no workplace can safely assume it will not experience violence.

To prevent workplace violence, it is essential that staff recognize the warning signs and have a simple, robust framework in which to respond. Our Workplace Violence Prevention Modules use interactive, scenario-based experiences, drawn directly from the participants’ workplaces, your organization and similar organizations, to work through our Risk and Response Matrix for determining the level of risk and the appropriate prevention strategies.
Participants are trained on how to manage and recognize various types of potentially violent situations and the current level of threat. Emerging situations may be assessed as a low risk of imminent violence and yet cause discomfort or anxiety and require a measured response. An escalating situation will cause staff to respond differently (motivated by feelings of fear or anger, for example), while a violent incident can continue to escalate if the response is inappropriate.

Workplace Violence Prevention Foundations

Our Workplace Violence Prevention Foundations Training program is targeted at improving how individuals and work groups approach and address escalated and escalating conflict. In particular, individuals or staff working directly with potentially violent people, whether they are internal or customer facing, will benefit from our Workplace Violence Prevention Foundations training.

Through a combination of practical, interactive, scenario-based training, participants will receive training to:

  • Understand what workplace violence is, who participates in it and why people engage in it
  • Recognize the warning signs of different types of violence
  • Prepare for known high-conflict situations, i.e. terminations
  • Assess interactions on a moment-by-moment basis on how best to respond to escalating conflict
  • Practice direct conversations to address and defuse tense situations

Workplace Violence Prevention Leadership Training

Building upon our Workplace Violence Prevention Foundations program, the Leadership Training focuses on improving how organizations understand, respond to, and prevent conflict from escalating to violence.

The Workplace Violence Prevention Leadership training program is targeted at leaders and workers who are responsible for developing and maintaining a violence free workplace (e.g. OH&S officers, supervisors/managers/directors, HR members, security).

The focus of the Workplace Violence Prevention Leadership training is to provide practical training and information designed to ensure that the organization’s policies, procedures, training programs, documents and response protocols adequately prevent and respond to violence and potential violent incidents.

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