Emergency Services Professionals

Solutions for Emergency Services Professionals.

Assess. Decide. Respond. Understand and manage the impacts of Bullying, Harassment, Conflict and Workplace Violence in your organization.

Assess. Decide. Act.

For emergency services and support workers such as fire fighters, emergency medical responders, dispatchers, support staff and paramedics, hospital staff, social workers, and other members that may come into contact with workplace violence or may need to deal with organizational compliance issues related to bullying, harassment or conflict in the workplace.

ProActive ReSolutions’ organizational compliance and workplace violence prevention solutions provide the behavioural and communications frameworks and strategies necessary to address and manage issues related to compliance and workplace violence within your organization and in your day to day interactions.

Our solutions provide a framework for dealing with behavioural compliance and conflict management issues related to bullying, harassment, toxic workplaces, conflict management and workplace violence.

Who is this for?

Firefighters, paramedics, nurses, hospital staff, social workers, members in public healthcare, and police.

Problem Solver Webinar Series

ProActive ReSolutions’ Problem Solver Webinar Series focuses on helping HR Professionals deal with and resolve real, day to day issues, problems and challenges.

The Problem Solver Series utilizes ProActive ReSolutions’ industry leading behavioral management frameworks to help HR Professionals resolve real life issues as well as gain insight into building a better workplace.

Topics include:

  • Social Media in the Workplace

    SHRM AccreditedSHRM Accredited *

    This 60-minute webinar provides a framework and understanding of when to use social media in the workplace and the fine line between personal and organizational content.

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  • Let’s Have A Straight Talk

    HRMA AccreditedHRMA AccreditedSHRM AccreditedSHRM Accredited *

    Have there been times at work when you wish you’d said something but didn’t quite know how? This live 60-minute session equips you with a strategy to own your response to upsetting behaviours and a method to hold direct conversations.

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  • Respectful Workplace

    SHRM AccreditedSHRM Accredited *

    Instead of focusing on policy and procedures, the Respectful Workplace webinar provides a dynamic framework on how to establish a Respectful Work environment, the key elements of a Respectful Workplace as well as how to engage co-workers, peers, subordinates and management in a constructive and productive discussion.

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  • Coping with Workplace Negativity

    HRMA AccreditedHRMA AccreditedSHRM AccreditedSHRM Accredited *

    It’s always that one person in the office. No matter what you say, how you say it, or what is said – he or she responds in a negative manner. It’s tiring, infuriating, and stressful. It makes us want to avoid that person and takes up valuable time and energy in the workplace or in our social lives.

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  • Personal Strategies for Handling Bullies

    HRMA AccreditedHRMA AccreditedSHRM AccreditedSHRM Accredited *

    We’ve all had to deal with them at some point in our lives. The Bully. The Bully pushes you, harasses you, looks down on you, publicly or privately berates you or physically torments you in small ways. The Bully could be your boss. It could be your co-worker. It could be anyone. The bully creates unnecessary stress for you, makes you hate your job and turns your personal life into an extension of your work life.

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  • Dealing with Difficult Situations

    HRMA AccreditedHRMA AccreditedSHRM AccreditedSHRM Accredited *

    We’ve all been there. It never fails to happen and it always happens when you least expect it or want it to happen.

    We get caught by other people’s poor behaviour, to the point that we don’t know how to respond – in part because we don’t want to make the situation worse.

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Check back often as we are always adding more to our Problem Solver Series.

Organizational Compliance Consulting Solutions

ProActive ReSolutions Organizational Compliance training and consulting solutions help organizations and individuals establish Respectable Workplaces. Our solutions assist organizations in either resolving compliance issues related to Bullying, Harassment, Discrimination, Communication, Workgroup Dynamics issues as well as back to work integration.
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  • Let’s Talk About It

    Let’s Talk About It is a service that helps organizations and work groups raise awareness and introduce accountability about issues that either impact the well-being of others or create an environment that fosters negative behaviours.

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  • The Highly Effective Leadership Team

    Strong Individual Leaders do not necessarily make a strong LEADERSHIP TEAM.

    Traditionally, leadership training has focused on individuals and how to make them better leaders. While this provides a form of personal development, our ProActive ReSolutions Leadership service takes a holistic approach by focusing on building a better LEADERSHIP TEAM.

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  • Workgroup Optimization

    Workgroup Optimization focuses on helping team members identify, agree on and implement a set of shared languages, expectations and tools for working and communicating with each other.

    The skills learned through these sessions can be utilized when confronted with difficult situations or problematic behaviours involving a team member, co-worker, client or even friends and family.

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  • Policy and Procedures Review

    ProActive ReSolutions’ policy and procedures review provides an insightful and original analysis of your workplace behaviour policies and indicates the extent to which the actesting procedures either help or hinder the development and maintenance of a respectful and productive workplace.

    Our policy and procedures review is customized to reflect your organization’s unique requirements and reflect industry best practices.

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Organizational Compliance Training Solutions

  • Emotions At Work

    Understanding how our emotions impact our work and daily life is key to building a successful culture.

    Emotions at Work focuses on defining the four features of all emotions, the seven basic emotions shared by all human beings, and must-have techniques for expressing how we feel and responding to others’ feelings in a respectful manner.

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  • Respectful Workplace: Foundations and Leadership Modules

    ProActive ReSolutions’ Respectful Workplace Training Solutions provide training on key components of a respectful workplace, required communication methods and structure, as well as four successful supervision techniques.

    Respectful Workplace training provides the foundation upon which to build and grow your test culture and establish a standardized method of providing and receiving feedback, as well as addressing problematic and negative behaviours.

    Specific tools such as ProActive’s Conflict Ladder™ framework assist in bringing new clarity to complex and difficult situations.

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